Fans of Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain’s Forward Operating Base feature will be happy to hear about all of the new features coming to MGSV’s multiplayer-centric mini game with December’s big update.

Konami representatives got to give an up close look at some of the new content and features awaiting players in December’s big update for MGSV, during a live streamed interview with Famitsu, a Japanese gaming news website.

Added content will include the ability to place gun cameras anywhere on your FOB, something that you can’t control at the moment, new characters and missions. Take a look at some clips from the live stream, hosted by Crazy Gamers, a Japanese gaming blog. While you likely won’t be able to understand any of what they are saying, the new features are demonstrated clearly.

Below we are shown how the gun cameras are easily placed throughout your FOB, simply by aiming and pulling the trigger.

In this video we see someone either attacking or defending an FOB as Raiden, everyone’s favorite sword wielding cyborg super ninja. While he does appear to have some sort of portal device or teleportation gizmo, it is unclear if he will have any of his super abilities from the previous game he has starred in, such as his super speed.

Here we see a new mission steeped in fog, featuring The Skulls, parasite enhanced soldiers with supernatural abilities.

While Konami hasn’t come forward with an exact release date yet, we can probably expect it sometime after the first two weeks of December, if the last few updates are of any indication.

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