Wargaming has announced that an open beta will be coming to PS4 users for World of Tanks. The beta will begin on December 4th. All PS4 users will have to do is go to the Playstation store on that date and download the beta, to begin playing. Those who do play in the beta will receive a premium tank as well as the M22 Locust.

All the progress achieved in the open beta will transfer towards the full version of World of Tanks. PS4 will receive a few special bonuses with their version of the game. “World of Tanks on PS4 will continue to have exclusives at launch, like custom and earnable free Girls und Panzer content (hint, think tank),” stated project lead TJ Wagner in the  PlayStation Blog announcement. “There will be two PS4 exclusive maps at launch including the biggest map ever made for World of Tanks.”

There is no official date for the full release of World of Tanks for the PS4. It is expected, though, to release sometime in 2016. Until then, stay tuned to Gamespresso and make sure to check out the beta on December 4th.

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