In October, Build-A-Bear announced that it would be working with the Pokemon Company in order to deliver a brand stuffed animal:  Pikachu.  While the company did not disclose any images at that time, they have now shared a photo of the new stuffed animal and it is cuter than you probably expected.


The Pikachu stuffed animal will be available sometime this month, rather than in 2016.  Pikachu will be available two different ways.  The first way is to order it the web-exclusive edition through the Build-A-Bear website and comes with the Pikachu stuffed animal, an exclusive trading card, a sound chip with six different Pikachu sounds and the adorable charizard hoodie, which is only available through this online deal.  This offer rounds out to be around $60.

The second way is to get the Pikachu in store.  It will sell for around $28 with the pokeball hoodie selling for $12.50.  You can pre-order the in store Pikachu online and recieve an e-gift card for $28 that you will bring into the store when you go to make your very own Pikachu.

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