Dread wasting hours to going to the mall and trying on every piece of clothing in hopes that it will fit? Fortunately, it appears that a solution exists. Microsoft, the developers of the Xbox gaming systems has developed a technological solution to this issue.  A new Xbox One app called The Mall allows the users to try on any clothing virtually by using their Kinect camera. This allows consumers the ability to try on anything without leaving the comforts of their own homes. Currently,  the app is available for free on Xbox One right now.  The video below contains a preview to see how it works from Windows Central. The app seems basic, a user stands in front of the Kinect camera and it fits a piece of clothing to your body.

After you have virtually tried on a piece of clothing, you can purchase the clothing that you liked. To complete your purchase, users need to use the PowaTag app. This app will store your credit card payment info for easy and convenient purchases.  The Xbox One app is available only in the United States for now.

After personally trying the app,  The Mall app today is an innovative concept, but it has its flaws. Not every item in the store was available to virtually try on. The Mall offers a limited selections of  brands available in the store today include SoccerPro, Style PB, Grayers, and Go2Games. The selection will increase with more brands later on. Also, the virtual aspects of this app cannot make up for the benefits of buying and trying on clothes in person. It is impossible to tell how the material will feel like on one’s skin without physically touching it. Even with its flaws, it is still an amazing idea. If anyone hates shopping for clothes, this app could change that.


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