For Grand Theft Auto Online fans, you have another double experience and cash weekend headed your way. With the release of the new game mode just earlier this week, it’s a great incentive to get online and try it out.

If you want to get in on the double experience and cash weekend, you’ll need to get online and play any Adversary mode. The event runs between December 11th and December 13th, ending on Sunday. The promotion includes Every Bullet Counts, the new game mode just released.

Every Bullet Counts takes 4 players into a free for all death match, equipping everyone with only 2 bullets. Modes similar to this always create a more tense nature within them, with users choosing to hide and see if others can get picked off before they start to hunt others.

In terms of giving away double experience and cash, this isn’t the most generous Rockstar has ever been, limiting everyone to adversary mode. However, the next free expansion, Executives and Officers, will be finding its way to our games this coming week. In the past we have seen large launch events for the new DLC, and expect it to be no different this time.

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