343 Studios recently revealed new details of Halo 5’s January DLC after showcasing its December DLC Cartographer’s Gift. Highlighted towards the end of a three hour livestream, the downloadable content set to be available in January for Xbox One owner’s of Halo 5 will focus on aesthetics in multiplayer.

Within this January DLC, players can expect armor skins and more including new decals, such as eagles and rams, on weapons as well as armor pieces. No specific release date has been officially announced for the roll out of 343 Studios latest DLC for the massively popular first person shooter.

343 Studios’ December DLC package, Cartographer’s Gift, is free for all owners of the game. Within this DLC, players will encounter one new Warzone map, three new Arena environments, and over 50 new Reqs. Gamers will also experience an improved forge mode which includes a series of refinements and tweaks.

Cartographer’s Gift will launch sometime next week. It follows in the footsteps of November’s DLC, Shadow and Light, which was the first expansion to Halo 5 since its launch in late October. Like Cartographer’s Gift, Shadow and Light was free for all Halo 5 owners and incorporated more material into multiplayer that diversified online play as a whole.

What are your thoughts on 343 Studios’ most recent addition to Halo 5? What other content would you like to be seen in the January DLC? Let your thoughts be known through commenting below!


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