Have you been playing a game of Minecraft and out of nowhere, your phone rings and you have to put your game on hold? Or you just can’t fight the sudden urge to take a selfie? Well now you don’t have to leave your game to do that!  Verison Wireless, along with game streamers CaptainSparklez and SethBling have developed an app called Boxel, which, along with an additional code, can allow Minecraft players, inside the game, to build a giant phone that has a functioning web browser, video chat app and messenger program.  You can even take selfies from inside the world.

Development for this program took three months, and now, Verison has open-sourced the libraries, so now everyone can join the network within the network!

“Users can open up websites, take an MMS selfie using a selfie stick, and even make a video conference call to a cell phone–all visualized within Minecraft’s standard blocky interface of course,” Verizon said in a statement. It’s true, the web browsing does leave a lot to be imagined, as shown in Captainsparklez’s Youtube demonstration of this app.

But the blocky aesthetic is what makes Minecraft unique, of course, and this doesn’t have to stop the player from the neat features this not-so-little gadget has to offer.  From high-class fortresses to skyscraper phones, Minecraft users are still baffling the internet with their crafting skills.  How will they top this?

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