For most people, designing a character, or even a prototype, is something they wouldn’t know how to start. For Boss Key, the developer of LawBreakers, its a process that took time to figure out for themselves.

The idea behind moving characters from a design team to an art team is no where close to the process, as detailed in the latest Dev Diary on their YouTube channel.

Finding the fun is the first step in creating a character, in other words figuring out what is enjoyable to play. As time goes on, Boss Key needs to figure out what design roles – and challenges – need to be met. Maverick was the character that first solidified their design process, and helped to flesh out prototyping.

Prototyping is coming up with a high level concept, and then not knowing where it’ll end up. You have to break down everything in the character, from art, voice, and most importantly how they play.

LawBreakers will be a free to play sci-fi shooter, with a release date for 2016.

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