As far as Lego creations go, most of them can’t be classified as an actual weapon. YouTuber ZaziNombies LEGO Creations is helping to break that mold.

For fans of the Call of Duty franchise, you no doubt picked up Black Ops III. Within the game is a flame thrower, and although its pretty neat to see in a game, most people wouldn’t be comfortable holding one. ZaziNombies decided to create one, using Lego bricks.

ZaziNombies is known for creating weapons out of Lego, although I’m not sure anyone ever expected him to build a flamethrower. The build consists mostly of orange bricks, and very few speciality parts are used. Although a majority of the specialty bricks are from Star Wars sets.

Unfortunately, the heat did melt a few of the bricks that ZaziNombies used in creating it, but he notes that “just makes it look more realistic.” You can check out the video below.


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