With positive reviews from Gamespot, Polygon, IGN, and more, Syndicate has proven to be a good addition to the Assassin’s Creed family.  It’s provided the dual-protagonists to encourage a diverse player-base.  And its rich lore connects it with earlier games in the series.  Syndicate has been received a higher score on average than its predecessor, Unity.

And now, one of the most infamous figures in London’s history will be added to the Syndicate story as of December 15th.  Jack the Ripper has Evie Frye on his bloody trail of carnage.   The gameplay trailer, announcing the release date includes an even deeper plot line that implies the Ripper’s personal interest in Evie.

“The streets of London are filled with fear and Evie Frye is on the trail of one of history’s most mysterious killers. The new Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper campaign puts you in the shoes of Evie once more as she returns to London after being absent for 20 years.  Armed with some new skills, she must investigate a series of crimes that draw her deep into the dark underworld of Victorian London’s Whitechapel district.” -Ubisoft’s official description.

The Jack the Ripper DLC was originally included content with the season pass. But it will now be available separately for $14.99.

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