Plans for the release of a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game that is currently in development has been leaked via a recent post on the Australian Classification Board. The entry lists a game titled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, which is being developed by Platinum Games and is to be published by Activision.

If the name Platinum Games sounds familiar, that’s because they were the masterminds behind the development of the erotic/esoteric beat-em-up game Bayonetta as well as it’s sequel. There has been no word yet on weather or not the upcoming turtles title is going to be as… ahem, explicit as the Studio’s most famous franchise, but the game has apparently earned itself an M rating for use of mild impact themes, moderate impact violence, and mild impact language.

For a franchise that has been happily waving the banner of family-friendlyness for so long to go out on a limb with a product geared toward an older audience, is pretty interesting. It definetly raises the question of where the game will be drawing from design-wise, if it’s meant to be a sort of nostalgia driven reprisal of the 80s cartoon, or if it’s just a mislead attempt at giving the franchise more of an edge. Either way, I’m interested to see how the product is going to turn out, or if it will even get to see the light of day.

It should be noted that Platinum Games also has several other “high impact” games in the works right now. With titles such as the upcoming Starfox Zero, Nier: Automata and the Xbox-one exclusive Scalebound also currently being developed by their team.

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