When it was recently announced that System Shock Enhanced Edition was in the works from Night Dives Studios, we were also satiated with talk of System Shock 3 possibly being in development. With System Shock 2 being released in 1999, it’s hard to believe that a sequel would actually end up in the works. And yet here we are, 16 years later, with the reveal by Otherside Entertainment that System Shock 3 is actually in development.

Beginning with a nebulous website with a 6 day countdown starting last Monday, we’re now presented with the white text “System Shock 3” against a black background and a sign-up link for an email list about the game. It’s probably safe to assume that System Shock 3 will release on PC, but it’s hard to determine anything past this and the fact that it will probably be some sort of sci-fi RPG.

It’s also all well to assume that Paul Neurath will be working on the project. As the founder of Otherside Entertainment, Neurath had worked on the original System Shock and cofounded System Shock’s original developer, Looking Glass Studios. Hopefully Otherside Entertainment will provide us with more concrete information about System Shock 3 in the coming days.

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