It’s no secret that the PlayStation 4 is selling well, fantastically well as it turns out. And Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, thinks he might know why. Speaking with GameSpot, the PlayStation boss explained, moving away from the “super computer” idea of the PS3, “what we really focused on for PS4 was ease of development and ease of use by consumers and developers. And I think that’s paying off really handsomely.”

That same ease of use has opened the door to indie games, whose support is “really, really helping” the PS4 overall. Yoshida went as far as to say, the combination of those indie titles, along with the AAA offerings, add up to a “vibrant, exciting offering for consumers… I feel like it can be compared to the excitement of the PS1 days almost.”

And possibly because of that, “We see numbers of people coming back to console. Many people [who own a PS4] didn’t used to have any last-gen console, even Nintendo Wii. Those people are coming back.”

SCE President Andrew House recently said this past Black Friday was the largest PlayStation has ever had, all while the console topped the sales charts for November.

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