In the wake of a company investor report, Capcom has stepped up to clear up confusion around a misinterpreted statement within referring to the returning Resident Evil 2 as a “remaster”. For those unaware of the difference, a remaster consists of an already existing game gaining updated graphics and portability to more modern systems rather than be rebuilt from the ground up. An example would be the recent Resident Evil HD Remaster, which released earlier this year on home consoles and PC.

Stuart Turner, Capcom UK’s senior marketing director, tweeted his reassurances to fans that this would not be the case:

It’s only been a few months since Capcom confirmed the existence of the remake via YouTube. Yoshiaki Hirabyashi, known as “Producer H” in Capcom’s R&D Division 1, will be heading the project and has previously produced the aforementioned Resident Evil HD Remaster. Hirabyashi praises fans by stating, “It’s been great to see so many positive comments from fans that have pushed the project to get approved. The team here at Capcom Japan really appreciates fans’ passion and support and will do our best to bring fans what they really want.”

The remake is still within its infancy; Hirabyashi adds, “it will be some time before we (Capcom) can bring you an update on this project…For now we want our fans to know that we appreciate all the feedback and support we’ve received on this title. We’re looking forward to delivering this highly anticipated Resident Evil experience that fans have been waiting for.”

It’s a good time to be a Resident Evil fan. With the Resident Evil HD Remaster breaking digital sales records after it’s January 2015 release, Capcom also announced the remaster of Resident Evil Zero. It seems the franchise is pulling out of its slump and towards a better, scarier future.


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