Microsoft’s HoloLens is somewhat of a unique idea. Giving people the opportunity to bring apps, video games, TV, and more along with them, it was only a short period of time before Microsoft would ask others for help.

Share Your Idea is a new campaign created by Microsoft, where they want to hear your idea for the next great feature on the HoloLens. You can go to the official website and submit your own idea, or look at previously submitted ideas.

Some of the ideas already submitted are pretty cool, with the HoloCyte Medical Lab acting as a pioneer for the medical field, HoloLanguage suggesting the device could be used as a virtual translator, Virtual Closet  is meant for all online shoppers, and of course Zombie Running app caters to all horror fans(albeit a bit dangerously).

Microsoft posted a video up on YouTube announcing the new project, saying that “Every killer app began as a single idea, this time, it could be yours.”
You can only submit your idea until January 11th, 2016, at that point all of the voting is cut off as well. Microsoft will take the most popular ideas, and select 3, for one final vote on Twitter.

Once the winner has been picked, Microsoft will create the idea, publishing it as an app. They will also offer the open source code to everyone, so everyone can “try it, see how it works, and even build off of it.”

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