Sony has announced that they will assist publisher Versus Evil with bringing, Viking-fantasy turn based strategy game, The Banner Saga to PS Vita.


In a post on the Stoic studios (The Banner Saga’s developer) forum technical director John Watson outlined the bumpy road the port had been on:

In January, the porting company hired additional programmers and took on the contract for performing the Playstation Vita port. The deadline for completion was July 2015. Over the subsequent months, the porting company suffered more personnel turnover, and the project limped along. Finally, in May 2015, the company folded, went out of business, and failed to complete the project. All of the expenses sunk into that project were lost, with no realistic way for us to recover them.

Due to this setback in order to complete the PS4 and XBOX One ports of the game on time, work on the Vita release was set aside. Now, in a post on Twitter Playstation’s Gio Corsi has confirmed that Sony will aid in porting the game to their handheld platform.


Details on Sony’s involvement in the port were not released and no date has been announced for the port. According to the aforementioned Gio Corsi more news is coming in 2016, however.

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