For a short moment, gamers thought there was a chance that Rare Replay could make its way to Nintendo’s Wii U console, but Rare came in and put a stop to that party.

Many began believing the game could make its way to Wii U after it was announced that Minecraft would be released for the Nintendo console, leading to some people wondering if other Microsoft-published games could eventually come to Wii U. Some even went as far as tweeting at Microsoft, who even directed those fans to Rare Ltd’s Twitter account to ask them.

Then apparently, that’s what they did, as the Rare account shot down the possibility earlier this week by tweeting, “Lots of Qs about Wii U! But ’s exclusive to Xbox One, and we’re hard at work on Sea of Thieves. Appreciate the enthusiasm though!”

So while Rare Replay and other Microsoft games are not headed to Wii U right now, Microsoft is happy to continue accepting ideas.

“We appreciate all your suggestions!” the company said. “However, we have no information of any games coming to the Wii U other than Minecraft at this time.”

What Microsoft games do you want to see on Wii U someday? Let us know in the comments below!

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