And that’s that! The constant pushing from all mediums have secured the production of Lab Zero’s Indivisible. Reaching its 1.5 million dollar goal, the game will now be funded with an additional 2 million dollars invested by 505 games. The team had worked tirelessly to drum up support through various guest artists and indie developers as well as the fans. Even when the outlook seemed at its bleak with a daunting goal being so far away, fans dug deep and really pushed the campaign over its goal.

Throughout the whole campaign, Lab Zero pulled out the complete stops to make sure this project was a reality. From the very beginning, there was an exquisite demo that showed what the game was and how it’ll play. From there, the team made sure that the demo would become available to play on the Playstation store as well. From then on, they’ve talked to hundreds of people throughout the video gaming industry in order to help raise awareness of their heavy undertaking. Support from youtubers, news outlets, social media personalities and the like. Even indie developers who agreed to add their characters to the playable incarnate roster for Indivisible. Fans went completely out of their way to really push support for the project, making comics, pictures, videos and other sorts of creative works for the game.

In the end, all the hard work and support from everyone has paid off. The project is now sitting on over 1.6 million and is gearing up towards its stretch goals, something I didn’t expect to see. When the project hits $1.65 million USD, there will be another hours worth of music written for the game by legendary composer Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana fame. Furthermore, if the project manages to hit $1.9 million, the game will have a high-octane opening animation drawn up by Titmouse animation and fully realized with the help of a currently unmentionable anime studio who remains anonymous until the stretch goal has a more guaranteed chance of hitting the goal. The game is looking at a release by sometime around January 2018. So there’s a long time to go. Here’s hoping the team a hearty success!

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