EA Sports has announced the process by which the fighter who will be on the cover art alongside Ronda Rousey on the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2.

EA Sports has announced that the winner of UFC 194’s title fight between Jose Aldo and interim-champion Connor McGregor will grace the cover next to the recently-defeated Ronda Rousey. If the much-hyped fight ends in a tie, or a substitution is made, EA will choose another fighter for the cover.

EA has even set up a special website to hype up the fight. Fans can vote on which fighter they think will win, how that fighter will win, and in what round it will happen in. After filling out all the required sections, the website generates a preview video.

EA Sports UFC 2 launches on Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2016. UFC 194 will be on Saturday, December 12, in Las Vegas.

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