Moon Hunters was one of the 421 video game projects successfully funded last year on Kickstarter. It’s asking funding of $45,000 quickly grew to a little over $178,000. We now finally have a release date on the pixelated RPG about myth and legend.

Tanya Short, whose reported on the PlayStation blog earlier last year that Moon Hunter would also be released on the PS4 and Vita, has told Gamespresso that Moon Hunter will release on February 25th, pending on how the final build looks in the coming weeks. However, the release date is only for Steam. The PS4 launch is scheduled for spring 2016, with a Vita launch planned for the summer 2016. On its Steam page, Moon Hunters is described as:

A 1-4 player co-op action RPG about building your own mythology in an ancient, occult world. The levels and map are procedurally generated, so they’re different every time, giving you new choices, enemies, and opportunities to show your personality and become a legend.

The game’s art style and musical tone definitely add to the game’s atmosphere, and the premise of building your character’s mythology sounds like it will add a twist on the classic RPG narrative structure. We’ll just have to wait and see, though, come February 25th.

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