The holidays are always filled with a blaze of questions being shot from inquisitive aunts and uncles faster than a Gatling Laser aimed at a Deathclaw. And every year, someone asks the question of your current relationship status. If there’s any special someone in your life. It hits you every time.

At least at one point in your life, you’ve had to awkwardly sit there and explain how there really isn’t anyone, how you really don’t care for that right now (even though you’ve been wanting to ask the local coffee shop girl if she’d be up for something other than coffee sometime soon), or how you haven’t really been looking much at all (except at a Maxim magazine). Well this coming Christmas season, you’ll be able to show them a proper gentleman that you can win right here from Gamespresso.

With his alluring foreign accent and proper taste in clothes, Gentlemen Cho’Gath will be the answer to you Aunt Sue’s nagging and the end of your older cousin’s jokes. He knows how to smoke a pipe and wear a top hat so well, that your parents will be asking him about when he’ll be popping the question.

Get a chance to snag a League of Legends 'Gentleman' Cho'gath skin here!

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