Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller launched in October, and it’s been in high demand ever since. The initial supply ran out quickly and every time they replenish stock the controllers are sold in an instant. That’s what Microsoft’s Xbox division leader Phil Spencer said recently on Twitter. Responding to a fan who was able to find an Elite controller, Spencer said, “I’m glad you found one. We keep shipping more in but they sell out instantly.”

The unique controller is $150 and is completely sold out at Gamestop, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and even Microsoft’s online store. However, there is another way to get the coveted controller. You can buy the Xbox One Elite console that launched in November; it comes with a 1 TB HD and the unique, transforming controller. Also, with Microsoft’s recent $50 price cut on all Xbox One systems, you can get it for $450 instead of $500.

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