Today marked the weekly reset of Destiny, but players hoping to get an early start on one of the game’s weekly endgame activities, the Nightfall Strike, have run into an issue. At a specific point during the Sunless Cell Nightfall Strike this week, a door players are required to go through to progress simply isn’t opening.

Posting on Twitter early this morning, Bungie said, “We are aware of reported issues with the weekly Nightfall and are investigating. Please stand by.” So far there is no word on an update to fix the problem.

The weekly Nightfall takes a strike (a three person instanced dungeon), raises the level of enemies, and adds modifiers to game. This weeks modifiers include Grounded, meaning players take more damage while airborne, Match Game, meaning enemy shields are resistant to all unmatched elemental damage, Exposure, meaning Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish, and more.

One of our editors recently shared why he things Destiny doesn’t like players like him. It may or may not be because doors in the game just won’t open for him. Have you tried and unfortunately failed to run this week’s Nightfall already? Let us know in the comments below.

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