A sequel to Minecraft is expected – and anticipated – by many, but a fake Minecraft 2  application appeared on the iOS store earlier today.

The app, titled “Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2,” was taken down after it was discovered it was a fraudalant app, but not before it rose to the #4 position on the iTunes App Store charts.

The real game’s developer Mojang had nothing to do with the publishing or creation of the app, but rather was created by Scott Cawthorn, who apparently also had created a fake Five Nights at Freddy’s app. The app originally was published on December 21, 2015 and was selling for $10.99

The fake app was discovered and posted on Reddit by user verynayce who notes that the 100 reviews that were posted for the application were unanimously negative.

While a sequel may not be out yet, the original Minecraft is still doing fairly well for itself.

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