If you didn’t already know, Fallout 4 is a fantastic and successful open world RPG that takes place in a post apocalyptic wasteland. What is even more open than the world you can explore the decisions you make, are the mods you can create to bring unique details to your experience. Unfortunately, this is only for those who own the game on PC. All of that, however, could be coming to an end.

While there has been no official announcement yet, it is well known that Bethesda wants to add modding to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Fallout 4. On the official Twitter for the series, it was said in response to a fan that they would be sharing news about the subject soon. While this may seem like just a tease, it is good to know that someone at Bethesda, or whoever runs the Fallout Twitter, is still trying to keep hope alive for mods on consoles.

Could news on this subject actually be coming soon? Was the response just to avoid disappointing a fan? What do you think? Fallout 4 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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