Since Fallout 4 was released in November it has received great praise for its story, gameplay, and atmosphere. Possibly the most talked about aspect of the game, however, is the variety of unique things players have done with the modding aspect of the game. This latest one may just be the best yet.

The world of Fallout 4 may be set in a post-apocalyptic world, but that doesn’t mean it should look barren and deserted forever. A modder by the name of GameDuchess thought this very thing and decided to do something about it with a new mod. Now the world set before the players will experience all the different seasons. From grass and flowers in the spring, to snow in the winter, the changes truly make a difference. GameDuchess told Eurogamer that the inspiration came from modern images of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

If you’re a fan of Fallout 4, this is a must have in the long list of mods for the title. While the season don’t change on their own, they still all have a unique look to them and make things look beautiful. Watch the video below and download the mod here.

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