In its release in Japan, Fire Emblem Fates was met with some critical reception over certain sequences. Due to the backlash, the team had decided to completely remove this scene and any traces linked to it from the US and European versions of the game. The scene was removed due to its portrayal of drugging characters and homosexual conversion. Due to the fact that these scenes were part of a subplot for a character, it’s reasonable to believe that these scenes will be replaced. As to what will be in its place is unknown at the current time.

In the Fire Emblem series, you are able to forge relationships with various characters within the army. This subsequently unlocks scenes that help to characterize and personify these characters more. Some even lead to romantic relationships between characters. It is for this reason that the controversial scene existed. In its entirety the scene is between two characters. One of the female members of the group, Soleil develops a bond with the ‘main character’. During this, Soleil admits to the main character that she’s terrified of talking to women. In order to assist her fears, the main character ‘spikes’ her drink with a magical powder without her consent and makes every person she sees as a woman. This magical affliction goes on to when she becomes infatuated with the main character’s ‘female form’. Eventually it wears off and Soleil still ends up loving the main character.

As you can see the sequence of events led to a major breakdown as people feared that this scene would propagate ‘rape culture’. Nintendo isn’t having any of it and thus the game will not have the scene any more. Fire Emblem Fates will be released in the US on February 19th for the Nintendo 3DS

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