Macho Man Randy Savage will never stop being a thing to the internet. Especially after the various ridiculous incarnations that he’s found himself in. Including the L4D’s Tank and Skyrim Dragon mods. It’s no wonder that the same mod developer is making Savage’s return as ridiculous as it can be in Fallout 4. This mod changes the dreaded Death Claws into ‘Macho Claws’, animalistic creatures who don the Savage gear and strikes terror and Slim Jims at enemies. Maybe not so much Slim Jims.

You’ll also get the joy (?) of hearing the many quips of Macho Man Randy Savage throughout his whole career dancing around your collective earholes as you flee from these abominations. This and the One Punch Man mod for Fallout 4 really helps paint the zaniness and enjoyment that the modding community has brought about to games like these.

Naturally, this mod will only be available through the PC where the Steam Workshop and Nexus mod sites can be accessed and game files can be tweaked. You can find the mod page here.

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