GTA 5 actor Ned Luke, who voices the character Michael in the open-world game, posted a picture on Facebook referencing that the three main actors Luke, Shawn Fonteno, and Steven Ogg, who voice Franklin and Trevor respectively, will be touring conventions around the country this year.

This promo only perpetuated the rumors that there will be new DLC coming down the pipeline, specifically single-player DLC, but the actor denied knowing anything about those rumors.

“EVERYBODY wants single player DLC…I know NOTHING about that,” Luke said, “Don’t know when it’s gonna happen or even IF it’s gonna happen. But I do know the boyz are gonna try to get out to some conventions this year so we can finally meet so many of our fans that we have been unable to meet in the past.”

This isn’t the first time fans have been teased about more single-player DLC for GTA V as Shawn Fonteno posted a picture of himself in a motion capture suit at the Rockstar offices.

Even though GTA V was originally released on September 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar Games remastered the game and re-released it for PS4 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014. Even though the game was released back in 2014, GTA 5 was the fifth best selling video game in 2015.

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