It has been four years since the release of Mass Effect 3. Since it was announced at E3 2015, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting its follow-up, Mass Effect Andromeda. While there is still a decent wait ahead of us, now we at least have a possible window of release.

In a meeting with investors today, EA revealed that the title would become available some time between April 1st 2016, and March 31st 2017, which is the fiscal year. Other exciting titles that should fall in this window are the next installments to both the Battlefield and the Titanfall franchises. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen also clarified that Titanfall and Mass Effect Andromeda would most likely be in the later half of the year as the second quarter is usually dominated by their sports titles.

While we may not have any exact dates for these titles, it is good to know that they are coming soon. Check back with Gamespresso for more news as it comes along.

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