In a recent financial report put out by Konami, the company has recorded over 6 million copies of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain was sold. According to the report, this number only represents the amount of copies of the games ordered by stores. That said, along with retail copies, the digital copies have contributed to the massive 6 million units of the game sold. The report comes as a roundup for the third quarter ending on December 2015.

Since its release in September, Metal Gear Solid V has seen praise from many gaming outlets and reviews. Some cited flaws in an otherwise fun addition to the series. The ‘digital division’ associated with Konami’s digital gaming has posted growth from last year in which they posted revenue of ¥67.9 billion and ¥10.7 billion in profit. This year the revenue was ¥93.4 billion with ¥25.5 billion in profit

It’s worth noting that the digital division was the strongest in terms of financial success in all of Konami’s divisions. The next is Konami’s health and fitness. Interesting still, the pachinko division saw one of the weakest with a mere ¥8.2 billion in the 9 months, which amounts to a 18.3% loss. Overall, the one thing to get out of this for Konami is that the digital games division is well worth sticking to instead of jumping ship to a quick buck expansion into their slot machines. Konami is currently forcasting their financial year will end with a total of ¥243 billion in revenue.

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