A leaked prototype version of the legendary and mythical Battlefront 3 has recently emerged, giving rise to new videos on the game.

The original discoverer posted on Reddit, stating that they weren’t big Star Wars fans, but “take interest in prototype games.” Named ProtoFaggot (thank 4Chan for that name), the poster showed footage of a rough version of the game. Development was supposedly being done by Free Radical Design, but the UK studio eventually was absorbed into Crytek.

The game build is playable on Xbox 360 dev kits, but a link to the build was removed by Reddit mods. This technically falls under pirated copyright material, so Reddit couldn’t legally keep it up. This hasn’t stopped videos of the build from popping up online.

“I hope you all have a nice time with this,” ProtoFaggot said. “Some may be mad at me but the story behind this build is a disaster and not releasing it will cause more issues than anything else.” He later on continued:

“After a lot of work I managed to get my hands on Star Wars Battlefront III and wanted to share the infamous cancelled game that I’m sure many of you wanted to play. I know not everyone will get the chance to play this immediately, but over time I expect the modding community to be able to change that.”

Even though hints and rumors of Battlefront 3’s existence have been surfacing for years, LucasArts never officially confirmed the existence or production of Battlefront 3. And while this isn’t the first time videos have leaked on Battlefront 3, this is the first instance where the game has been in a playable state.

With the latest iteration of Battlefront having released recently, does it look like Battlefront 3 would have done a better job? Sound off in the comments!

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