Never make a woman mad on her wedding night. Or she turns into Nina Williams and destroys you. At least that’s what this awesome trailer seems to suggest! Nina Williams, a Tekken veteran will be making her return to Tekken 7, and she’s got some huge visual changes. The most notable is the wedding dress. While the backstory behind this battle attire hasn’t been revealed yet, one can only assume there’s good reason.

Nina Williams has been a strange character within the Tekken universe, an ice cold assassin. One that was literally put on ice during the events between games. Whilst in cryogenic freeze, she was experimented and used as a host for the Tekken character Steve Fox. Nina uses grapples throws for her style of fighting in order to take down enemies fast and end their lives even faster.

Tekken 7 was released in arcades in Japan back in 2015. As the console versions of Tekken 7 comes out, more and more characters are being revealed, including the cross-character Akuma. With no release date in sight, we can only wait for more Tekken footage at EVO this year.

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