On a panel at the Albuquerque Comic Con this year, voice actor Jim Cummings talks about the process of recording for Kingdom Hearts and the intricacy of voicing for a Japanese game. During this discussion, it was mentioned that his voice work for Kingdom Hearts 3 is done. Jim Cummings voiced the rumored returning characters Pooh, Tigger and Pete.

Regarding the answered question (which is found at 5:15 in the above video) Cummings mentions in the video that it was always difficult to sync up lip movements due to the fact that the English voice acting would never match the lip movement from a Japanese game. Cummings had ended the Kingdom Hearts 3 discussion by simply saying “Yes, Kingdom Hearts 3 is done- At least my stuff is, and no I don’t know when it’s coming out”.

Much like Cummings’ lack of knowledge on a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, we too have still not received any word on a proper date. That said, even though Cummings’ voice work is completed, it’s good to keep in mind that Bill Farmer, the voice actor for Goofy made the same remark in 2015 and was expecting a 2015 release. So don’t let this rise expectations!

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