Over on the Cosmic Contrarian YouTube channel, you’ll find various bits of videos gaming machinimas and fun little videos of gaming moments as he discovers them. This time, due to the demands of his fans, he’s recreated Helms Deep and has recreated several main events during the battle that took place in the legendary Lord of the Rings battle. Within the confines of Fallout 4’s assets of course.

The orcs vs humans from the original source material have been replaced to Super Mutants vs Brotherhood of Steel + Minutemen in a retelling of the battle of Helms Deep. Pivotal events were recreated including the wall breach, main hall door breach and the salvation at dawn. With the amount of time used to set this all up, it’s a neat video experience and fun to watch the scores of Super Mutants being cut down by the Brotherhood of Steel.

The modding scene for Fallout 4 has always been a fun new way for players to tinker around with the game past the intended purpose. Creative folk like Cosmic Contrarian will continue to make use of these mods to make fun videos like these. If you enjoyed the video, check out other videos on his channel. The Helms Deep battle is his 14th recreation of a battle as suggested by the comments section.

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