At the end of last week the recently announced WWII first-person shooter Battalion 1944 hit its crowd funding goal in less than three days. The support for the game was so overwhelming and unexpected, Bulkhead Interactive, the studio making the game, hadn’t even set up stretch goals.

In light of the Kickstarter’s unequivocal success, with weeks still to go, Bulkhead posted an update, thanking their fans and supporters. “We did it. Battalion 1944 is now confirmed to be fully in development for ‪Steam, ‪Xbox One and‪ ‎PlayStation 4, bringing World War 2 into the next generation of video games! THANK YOU!”

The post continued on to add, “We’re a little emotional over the support as we’ve read as many of your videos, articles and comments as humanly possible for an independent team. There aren’t enough hours in the day to reply directly to the giant outpouring of support…”

In addition to the video above, the developer also addressed the big question on everyone’s mind: stretch goals. “We have something awesome in the works which a lot of you have been asking for. We can’t wait to show this off just yet but you’ll have to wait a little while longer as we want to show you exactly what it is that we plan to implement into Battalion 1944, to push the authentic WW2 experience to even greater heights.”

At the time of writing, with 23 days to go, the Kicktarter is at £177,628 ($253,706), well over the original goal of only £100,000 ($142,577).

As we learn more about Battalion 1944, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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