Blade & Soul is a martial arts based MMORPG currently developed by NCSoft.

The game has started to take the western world by storm, with North America servers growing in population. NCSoft is busy introducing more classes to their line up, and next up is the Warlock.

The Warlock in Blade & Soul will be launching March 2nd. The play style for the Warlock is a dynamic, ranged caster. Although you aren’t as survivable as some of the other classes, you can feel free to steal the life from your enemies. The Warlock’s abilities also help him to shorten cool downs, allowing him to stay within the fight.

Playing with a self summoned Thrall at your side, The Warlock’s powerful spells help to balance the character out.

You can check the full trailer out on the Blade & Soul YouTube page, or down below.

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