I know many people who would love a good deal, and Humble Bundle usually delivers on the premise of ‘a good deal’. In the latest weekly bundle, you can pick up various games chosen by Orbyt Play, a group of YouTubers who want to celebrate indie games for $8 USD. Here’s the breakdown of what games you get and a bit about each one:

For $1 you can pick up INK, SpeedRunners and Divekick

INK: A zany hardcore platformer based on the concept of coloring everything you touch.

SpeedRunners: An early access game where up to 4-players duke it out in a race where the objective is to go so fast that you knock people off the screen.

Divekick: Strips away all the extra systems that clutter modern fighters and focuses on divekicks as the only way to win.

For beating the average (currently at $3 USD at the time of writing) you can pick up Grim Fandango Remastered and Dead State; Reanimated

Grim Fandango Remastered: A classic Tim Schafer point-and-click adventure game remastered to touch the hearts of new generations of gamers and provide nostalgia for older gamers.

Dead State: Reanimated: A tense survival turn-based RPG set in Texas during the beginnings of an undead apocalypse.

Finally, for $8 you can pick up Party Hard

Party Hard: A simple Game Jam game that evolved past its intial design and became a full-fledged game that’s about stealthily killing your noisy neighbors in order to get sleep.

As mentioned, these games were part of a 10 hour showcase of indie games, hosted by Orbyt Play.

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