A whole slew of new details for the upcoming Bethesda title Doom have been reported after one user dug into the files available after the game’s alphas in October and December of 2015.

The new information revealed includes enemy types, details of mechanics, and more. However, since it was just found in the alpha files, some or all of it could be subject to change.

As far as enemies go,  the Spider Mastermind and Arch-Vile will return, while other enemies that players may have met in the alpha will appear including Zombies, Imps, Hellified Soldiers, Hellknights, Mancubus, Pinky and Spectre Demons, Cyberdemons, and Revenants.

One interesting piece revealed says “how much time should pass between spawned bosses,” leading many to speculate that bosses could randomly spawn throughout the game.

Further datamining by user “MrDope” included phrases including, “Difficulty levels, named after the originals from DOOM/DOOM 2,” “MP Maps,” and “Something about an Aqua and a Hell Marine.”

Doom launches on May 13 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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