A series of complications and cancellations have followed the Dead Island series concerning their sequels.  One of those issues was the parting of Yager Productions’ involvement with the production of Dead Island 2, which resulted in the game being cancelled.

“Having a project cancelled in such a late state is a catastrophic event on so many different levels,” said Yager manager Timo Ullmann. “It really is the worst possible outcome. Everybody involved loses.”

But not all hope is lost.  Since then, the Australian Classification Board and the Brazil Advisory Rating Board have more or less leaked the news of another Dead Island game in the making.  On their rating boards, a game called Dead Island: Retro Revenge was given an M rating for “bloody violence” and “online interactivity”.  However, no other information has been provided regarding whether or not this game will be released for PC, consoles, or both.  The Brazil Advisory Rating Board did list Dead Island Retro Revenge for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Deep Silver has not confirmed this information.

There is also no confirming or denying that this is simply a new name for Dead Island 2, a game scrapped upon the initial separation of Yager and Deep Silver.  It would certainly make sense for Deep Silver to try and salvage the material they’d been producing for the three years that they had been partnered with Yager. But apart from this game’s rating, no one can be sure of anything apart from knowing that Dead Island: Retro Revenge will not be suitable for anyone under the age of 14, and, that there will be zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

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