Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will receive four new Primal mounts in the upcoming Gears of Change update.

In the blog, “Project Manager M” detailed two of the new Primal mounts headed to the game. Each of the mounts, pictured below, can be obtained by completing the extreme versions of the specific Heavensward Primal Fights: Bismark and Ravana.

There will be two other Primal mounts available after completing the Thordan and Sephirot fights and the developer teased that “something good will happen” if players can collect all four of the flying Primal mounts.

A lot is headed to Final Fantasy XIV in the Gears of Change update and Square Enix released a trailer which teased some of the new features headed to the game. These include story quests, a new Raid Dungeon, new Beast Tribe quests, and a new training ground called “Stone, Sky, Sea.”

Two of the new mounts can be seen in the gallery below.

Final Fantasy XIV: Gears of Change launches February 23, 2016 on PS4, PS3, and PC.

Source: Square Enix, via EGM

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