While some parts of the Japanese version were cut in the western localized versions including the ‘drugging scene’, the ‘relationship improving’ face petting minigame still remains in a smaller way. In the original context, the minigame could be done on any character as the protagonist character. This would bolster stat effects as characters deepened their relationship through intimacy. The localized version changes this to a small text cutscene rather than a minigame.

It has been revealed by Gamespot’s Alexa Ray Corriea that the minigame actually does still exist in the localized version. However, it can only be between the protagonist character and the character they marry- an S-support character. Doing this changes many of the dialogue sequences between characters from the original Japanese version.

Fire Emblem Fates will be released in the states on February 19th for the Nintendo 3DS. Still no word on the release date for Europe, but us denizens of PAL can always keep hoping for a surprise release.

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