Arguably the greatest (and most ridiculous) special edition for Dying Light has been announced.

UK retailer, GAME, have teamed up with Techland to create Dying Light: The Following – The Spotlight Edition, a 10 million dollar special edition of the game.

The Spotlight Edition comes with a host of cool shit, including a supporting role in Dying Light: The Movie. To prepare you for your new-found acting career, you will also receive parkour and stunt training, an off-road driving course (which comes with a “free” car), an on-set trailer, premier tickets and a first-class screening tour, a zombie make-up session, acting lessons from Roger Craig and you get to become the voice of Kyle Crane, in a special edition of Dying Light – Techland will also provide you with a few copies of the title.

Obviously this package is a publicity stunt – if you were to buy your way into everything individually, there’s not way you’d hit a $10m figure – that doesn’t stop The Spotlight Edition being absolutely awesome.

If I was a billionaire, you can bet that I’d give serious consideration to buying The Spotlight Edition, even if it is a massive expense.

What are your thoughts? Completely ridiculous? Absolutely awesome? Or a bit of both? Let’s talk about it!

Dying Light is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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