After following his ‘dreams’ Kanye West has finally revealed his new video game project titled ‘Only One’. Only One takes its name from the title of his 2014 song that is about the conversations that could have been between his departed mother and his daughter who had never met. The footage above was shown during the release event for his newest album ‘The Life of Pablo’.

In an interview with WWPR-FM, a New York-based radio station last year, Kanye had made mention to what the game would be about. Apparently, Only One would focus on the player helping his mother reach through to the higher planes of heaven. The trailer footage shows that to some degree, but it’s still relatively hard to understand.

Kanye’s new game will be ‘coming soon’ with no word on what platform, when and price point. More information regarding the title will follow. I mean, it’s a game Kanye wants to make, it’s no fun to shut him down, but that trailer… has a lot to be desired.

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