Street Fighter V’s launch trailer highlighted many of the new features, and some old ones. The trailer also showed off scenes from a recent tournament, highlighting the eSports community surrounding the game.

The eSports community surrounding fighting games is tightly knit, with little support from large companies. With support mostly coming from within the community, they keep each other going. It’s nice to see Capcom recognize their community through a launch trailer.

The launch trailer also highlights the cross platform play between PlayStation 4 and PC. When it comes to fighting games, serious players are using fight sticks. This means that the argument between whether PC or Console peripherals perform more better is taken out of the equation, making Street Fighter V the perfect cross platform play game.

On top of cross platform play, Capcom has said that this Street Fighter will not have follow ups like the fourth game had. Instead, Capcom will focus on bringing DLC and constantly improving the current game. All DLC characters will be free to unlock through playing the game.

Street Fighter V launched yesterday, February 16th, for PC and PlayStation 4.

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