Today, Nintendo released an exclusive new look on Twilight Princess HD.  The trailer showcased the beautifully enhanced graphics through cinematic cut scenes as well as gameplay.  For fans who are experiencing the world of Twilight Princess for the first time, it explained the unique features the game has to offer.  It showcases the classic sword and shield combo, the fan favorite clawshot, as well as the bow and arrow.  Old weapons are reinvented like the Gale Boomerang.

Twilight Princess‘ most unique feature is highlighted in the trailer: Link’s Wolf form.  We see his hyper canine senses, detecting things not visible to human eyes.  Later in the trailer, we get a more in-depth look at the new dungeon, provided exclusively by the Wolf Link and Midna Amiibo.  The Cave of Shadows is a challenge dungeon meant only for Link in his beastly form. With no hearts or other healing supplies to pick up from dead enemies, you must tread cautiously through each level of the dungeon.  The trailer says that “if certain circumstances are met” the Wolf Link Amiibo will replenish your hearts once in the entire run of the dungeon.  So choose wisely.  Completion of the Cave of Shadows will reward the player with an item called the Colossal Wallet, which can hold up to 9,999 Rupees.  Now you can really rock that Magic Armor!

Twilight Princess HD

Malo’s Magic Armor costs you rupees as you wear it but it will drain your wallet instead of your hearts!

In addition to these features, the trailer expands on the use of the WiiU Gamepad.  It can provide a real-time map for the player to keep track of their progress without having to pause; it can also allow the player to switch items without pausing.  And if there’s ever a time where you need to share the TV, Twilight Princess HD can also be played exclusively on the Gamepad, so you can keep the adventure going.

Miiverse stamps have been incorporated into the game to be found in chests and other hiding places.  These stamps can be used in the Miiverse to decorate your messages when you communicate with your friends online.

Check out the game features trailer below!


Twilight Princess HD comes out exclusively for the WiiU on March 4th

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