Announced by NCSoft only recently, the recently released MMO Blade & Soul will be having a brand new major patch on March 2nd. With it includes new dungeons, an additional character slot and the brand new class; Warlock. The Warlock will focus on magic that snares and combos enemies, as well as summon a demonic ‘Thrall’. Almost an infusion of the Chi masters and Summoners.

The update was mentioned in the Blade & Soul blog post which you can read here. In it, it will mention not only a more detailed explanation for the Warlock, but mentions the other features mentioned.

Each new class added to the game will increase the character slots for all players with this one giving an extra slot for all players for free. The Naryu Labyrinth is a ‘dynamic 3-stage encounter’ for maxed out players and gives a huge amount of challenge for 6- and 4-player groups. Further, Mushin’s Tower has opened up the final floor to the tower and allows players to fight against Mushin.

Other than that, the game has been having constant updates and features including the latest Valentines event. The next patch will focus on class balancing and adding the mentioned new features.

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