Postal was a controversial game that came out in 1997 for PC. Players control a “Postal Dude” who is making his way in a world that has gone completely crazy. As an isometric third-person shooter, much like the original Grand Theft Auto games, this game was easy control and easy to get lost in.

It has officially been announced by Running with Scissors that Postal will be remade in high definition for PS4 and PC. Now every explosion and NPCs you set on fire will look far better than they ever did in 1997. While it is an may seem like an odd game visually to want make an HD remake of, the series is well known should excite a good amount of gamers.

There is no word yet on what the price will be, but it is set to release sometime in spring 2016. Check back in with Gamespresso as more details emerge and watch the trailer below.

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