Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to know what it would be like to get behind the trunks of one of the largest creatures to ever walk the face of the earth, and wreak havoc of course.   With Far Cry Primal, you can do just that.  Any pre-ordered edition of the game unlocks three missions, exclusively in the first-person-perspective of the Mammuthus primigenius himself, in “Legends of the Mammoth.”

It’s implied that through drinking from a shaman’s cup of some mysterious brew, you gain the ability to assume control over a beast’s form.  It’s likely that this may be a reoccurring option in other DLC or other beastly companions encountered in the game.  But for this situation, you obtain the form of a giant mammoth.  The “Duel of the Beasts” mission challenges your strength in a battle against a ferocious rhino.  “Hunt the Hunters” allows you to take some good old fashion revenge on the men with the big pointy sticks. Stomp, skewer, and charge your way through the hunters like a bull in a china shop. “The Trapped Elder” is a rescue mission. An older mammoth has been captured and imprisoned, and it’s your duty to free the elder from the humans.  These missions will offer up to forty-five minutes of additional gameplay.

“Drink from the shaman’s cup to experience life as a mammoth. Use your immense strength to fight for your herd’s survival.”

Time for a little Grand Theft Mammal!  Check out the gameplay footage below. Far Cry Primal comes out for PlayStation 4 and XBox One on February 28th, and for the PC on March 1st.

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