2015 saw the return of the rhythm game with Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live. With new peripherals, features, and promise of continuous DLC, both titles received positive reviews. Even with good reception, however, it seems the sales were not up to par.

Mad Catz, who made the the instruments for Rock Band 4, was reported to have lost %37 of its employees. This includes the resignation of their Senior Vice President of Business Affairs, Chairman, and CEO. Guitar Hero Live did not meet the sales goals of its developers either. With this Activision has stated that there will not be another Guitar Hero game planned for the current cycle. Both Activision and Harmonix, however, have both stated that they will continue to support their respective titles as promised to the fans.

Not enough gamers are rocking out like they used to. What more could Guitar Hero and Rock Band to get the sales going? Let us know what you think.


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